Opening hours

M-F: 9am-4pm Sa-Su:9am-4pm


Adult: 3300 HUF Children: 2200 HUF

Coronavirus information

The most important thing to know is that you do not need a immunity certificate to visit the Zoo. Masks are also only obligatory in indoor places. This way we can take better care of one another as well as the residents of the Zoo.

Further details can be found below:

Let's exercise caution and take care of one another
We are very happy that the pandemic situation now allows you to visit our Zoo without restriction, this means we do not have to ask for a vaccine certificate either (from 1 May to 2 July 2021 this was required by law). However, the pandemic is still here with us, in fact, we are currently facing the fourth wave. Therefore, it is important to continue to exercise caution: wash your hands often and thoroughly, keep a reasonable distance, and if you feel the symptoms of the disease, please postpone your visit to the zoo!

Mask: mandatory in indoor places
Masks were not a must in the summer (although of course they weren't forbidden), but due to the intensification of the fourth wave of the pandemic, in indoor places we had to make mask wearing mandatory again. Elsewhere, it is not mandatory, but we still request and recommend that you wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth (so it is not obligatory, but we are grateful if you do).

Take care of the animals!
We ask our visitors not to feed our animals anything! The wrong amounts of food and the wrong ingredients can be harmful to their health, and feeding them can also put them at risk for the coronavirus and other infections. And when visiting the residents of the petting zoo, please wash your hands not only after, but also before!

What's worth seeing?
Currently almost all of our zoo's outdoor show areas and the majority of the animal houses are open to the public (the temporarily closed attractions are listed below). So, there is no shortage of things to see. In addition, several of our residents have had babies recently. For the latest news on our young animals and other attractions, click here.

Apart from the baby animals and experiential programs, we have plenty of other sights as well, as our zoo houses the most diverse collection of animals of all domestic zoos. We are not only a zoo but also a botanical garden with a wide variety of plants in our collection.

Our zoo is one of the world's oldest institutions of its kind. Our rich history has allowed us to emass a multitude of beautiful old monument buildings. In fact, to honor our 155th birthday this year, we have added old-fashioned signs to the homes of the animals that have been with us for an especially long time along with interesting stories and archival recordings. To read more news, click here.

What's closed?
Most of the show areas of our zoo are once again open to visitors. This means an area of about 12 acres including almost all outdoor and most indoor show areas. There are just a few locations that we haven't been able to reopen for technical reasons:
- Aquarium (under the Palm House);
- Giant Otters' House
- Owl Castle and House of the Wetlands;
- Shark school;
- Fairy-tale Palace; 
- Schaftner carousel;
- Craftsmen's Yard;
- Nice Nicholas playground; 
- Animal Rescue Centre.

Of course, we want to be able to show you as much of the Zoo as possible. However, there may be cases where one or part of a show area needs to be temporarily closed, for example to ensure maximum rest for the animals before calving. We thank you for your understanding.