Opening hours

M-F:9am-6pm Sa-Su:9am-7pm


Adult: 5000 HUF Children:  3500 HUF

Coronavirus information

The most important thing to know is that you have not needed a certificate of protection to visit our zoo for a long time (since July 3, 2021), and from March 7, 2022, except for one of our showrooms, you no longer have to wear a mask. Of course, if someone feels they still want to put on the mask, there's nothing stopping them from doing that either.

You only have to wear a mask in one place: in the Madagascar house

We only ask our visitors in one place to continue wearing the mask covering their noses and mouths. And this is the home of the ring-tailed lemurs, where the audience can also go among the animals. This is because primates can be susceptible to the coronavirus that has been a major concern for humans in recent years. So in order to protect the health of our animals, we ask our visitors to wear the mask at this one showroom. If someone no longer wears a mask all the time, it can be obtained for small fee at the Zoo gift shop near the main entrance.

Reopening facilities

During the coronavirus pandemic, some of our showrooms temporarily did not receive visitors, in part due to precautions related to the epidemic. Examples of such venues are the Aquarium under the Palm House, the Owl Castle and the Waterfront Life House, the Shark School and the Wildlife Rescue Center. We will try to reopen these showrooms as soon as possible after March 7th: most of them will be open on the long weekend of mid-March.