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A baby elephant was born November 8, 2017

This morning, Angele’s second calf, who we were so waiting for, was born. The mother and the baby elephant are fine, but they can be seen only by the carers and the vets so far. We are currently waiting for the baby to find the teats and start to suckle.

On Wednesday at dawn, a baby elephant was born in our Zoo. The pregnancy of Angele, the mother, was already announced in February, and we also shared with you that the newborn was expected in late autumn. The birth took place at exactly 3.54 a.m. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the newborn successfully stood on its feet after a little while. The carers are now waiting for the baby to find the teats and start to suckle.

During the birth Angele’s previous calf, the nearly five years old Asha, was also present. Although it would have been technically possible to separate Asha, we however preferred that she was present when her little sibling was born. It happens the same way in nature since elephants live in herds, where growing youngsters are usually present when their mother gives birth to the next calf. This solution is also appropriate since the previous baby elephant is a female and it can be useful for her in adulthood if she sees her mother nursing. Of course Asha is rather curious about her little sibling, but if this goes too far Angele immediately pushes her away.

Since the newborn and the mother need the greatest amount of peace and quiet, the elephant house used as a “birthing room” is locked until further notice. Currently nobody but the carers assigned to the elephants and the vets can go anywhere near, not even other zoo employees. And the carers themselves can only enter when it is absolutely necessary, otherwise they monitor the developments via a CCTV camera. However, Assam, the dad, can still be seen in our old patinated Elephant House.

So far we request the understanding of the public, who are certainly interested in the baby elephant. As you might remember, the public had to wait one and a half weeks before they could enter the stall to see the previous calf. However, it is worthwhile keeping an eye on our official Facebook page, where we provide regular updates, images, and short films on the first days of the baby elephant.