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Another short film about the world wonder hatched from an egg October 24, 2019

Although we can only show the public a short film now, it is a very important, world-class professional achievement for our echidna puggle, who has developed a great deal in recent months.

Our zoo is renowned worldwide for the variety and diversity of species in the living animal collection on display. As part of this, the public will also see spiny anteaters and giant anteaters. Although the nutrition of these two animals is similar in many respects, as it appears in their names, they are in fact quite different animals, as we have described in more detail in a recently published article.

This time we focus specifically on the echidnas, this special egg-laying mammal, all the more so because at the beginning of the year our echidnas had a joyful birth. The newcomer hatched from the egg on January 12th, first came out of the pouch on March 12th, then left it permanently on March 25th, and in the subsequent months it grew on in a special nesting box designed for the needs of anteaters. Of course, it has grown and developed a lot since then, so it's not that tiny any more. Comparing pictures and short films published in earlier news stories to recent animal footage shows how much it has grown in recent months.

Unfortunately, the little anteater may be presented only in film and photo now, as it still needs the utmost peace. Even so, there are many other attractions in the Australian Zone and many other areas of the Zoo that are worth visiting.