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Everyday life of an infant gorilla January 17, 2020

In our latest short film, you can see that Indigo, the infant gorilla, born in December 2017, is not only the youngest in the team, but also probably its most mobile member.

Indigo, the infant gorilla, saw the light of day in December 2017, shortly before Christmas, so he is nearly two years old. Many youngsters of this age amongst mammals are almost considered to be adult specimens, but - similarly to us humans - ape ontogeny is a relatively slow process that lasts many years. A two-year-old infant gorilla is therefore well in his childhood and, like humans, they are also very curious and active; running around a lot and constantly discovering new things.

You can see this in our latest short film: Indigo is almost always doing something. As such, he is not only the youngest but also the most mobile member of the Budapest gorilla band. Of course, it is a feature of this age-group but, luckily, the fact that we can provide a stimulus-rich environment for gorillas, tailored to their biological needs, also contributes to this.

Of course, we encourage everyone not to settle for the video, but also to visit Indigo and other inhabitants of the zoo in person.