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In the short film Móric, the baby orangutan October 12, 2020

We can witness a multitude of moving moments every day with the orang-utans, where Lia, the mother, pampers baby Móric, who was born in early August, with devoted love. With our latest short film, we give a glimpse of these moments.

Breeding orang-utans is always a great pleasure. The little ones are very cute and it is really instructive to see how close the relationship between a mother and her kids is. In addition, the Sumatran orang-utans seen in our Zoo are critically endangered, so breeding them in zoos is also of significance for conservation.

Our youngest orang-utan, the little Móric saw the daylight in the first days of August. We've shown pictures of him several times, but now in a short film we are also showing him, Lia, his caring mum, and some other members of the family, the zoo's orang-utan group, also interested in the newcomer. For a few moments, even the neighbouring gorillas appear on the frames, as the almost three years old gorilla kid is Indigo also filled with visible interest in what's taking place on the other side of the Great Apes' House.

Of course, in addition to orang-utans, many of our other animals have had baby blessings recently, so much so that we can talk about a real "baby boom". So there are many attractions, cute baby animals, which make it especially worth visiting us now.