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Leading zoo professionals will come together in Budapest Zoo January 17, 2014

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is honoured to host the EAZA Annual Conference in Budapest in September, 2014.

The EAZA Annual Conference is the biggest annual gather of the European zoo and aquarium community, bringing more than 600 delegates together for four days of paralell meetings and plenary sessions, presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. The event is primarily aimed at EAZA members, with most of EAZA's  breeding programme groups and committees holding meetings alongside a variety of special workshops. Plenary sessions bring all conference delegates together to focus on topics of broad interest to the community.

The 148 year old Budapest Zoo is the most popular cultural institution in Hungary with one million visitors a year. It is a destination of zoo heritage, with numerous century-old buildings, including two huge artificial mountains. One of them houses our largest exhibit, the unique Magic Mountain, an all-season interactive labyrinth of life. The animal collection boasts more than one thousand species and is one of the most diverse in Central and Eastern Europe. Breeding results have been excellent in recent years with successful births of Asiatic lion, Persian leopard, Amur tiger, Indian elephant, gorilla, orang-utan, wombat, and Hyacinth macaw, just to name a few. Highlights include the many invertebrate and aquatic exhibits, the America Tropicana, Australia and African Savannah areas, and the House of Venom.

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