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Penguins in the breeding burrow March 13, 2020

Two cute penguins are nesting in one of the breeding burrows along the African penguin catwalk. We can still only show their image to the public so far, but they will soon be out of the hiding place and more of them can be seen.

Our zoo launched into 2020 with the announcement of the arrival of two cute penguin chicks. The chicks hatched from the eggs on December 18 and 21 and have been developing well ever since. The little ones are currently housed in a breeding cage belonging to the enclosure, where their parents, Joy and Orange, protect them with jealous care. Of course, the public cannot see much of them now, but in a few weeks' time they will dare to come out from time to time from the breeding cavity. So in the near future, it will be worth watching the developments around our penguins' house.

In our zoo, keeping penguins goes back more than a hundred years. Over time, the public has seen many different species of penguins, including Southern rockhopper penguins and Humboldt penguins. We began to deal with the presently introduced African penguins, native along the coasts of Southern Africa, more than three decades ago. Felix, the first penguin chick born in Hungary, more precisely in Budapest, came to the world in 1994. Since then the penguins in the capital have been breeding regularly, with the current two chicks being the 39th and 40th in a quarter of a century. The present colony, by the way, consists of 32 specimens.