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The “Rooies” have grown a lot April 15, 2019

In early February we already reported on the joeys growing in the pouch of the Red-necked Wallabies. The three babies have grown a lot since and reached the age when they can leave the pouch. In the meanwhile two new joeys looked out of the pouch.

In the first days of February we already reported on the three joeys growing in the pouches of the red-necked Wallabies. At that time they had just reached the age of looking out of the pouch but one could know that the first steps outside the pouch would only be expected at the end of March. Since then, the babies have reached the development stage necessary for this: they have grown a lot and also their fur is fully grown now. What is more, in recent days the carers have seen them leaving the pouch and making their first steps. Of course, for now they only leave the pouch for a short period of time; they still spend most of the time in there. But since they are big enough, some part of them always hangs out of there. It is mostly their heads but sometimes also their hind legs.

The red-necked Wallabies, on display alongside the Australian Path, regularly reproduce in our Zoo. However, we not only have had babies recently there but also with our other marsupials; for example the common brushtail possums, not to mention the joey with the wombats.