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Opening hours


Budapest Zoo is closed from the 15th of March until further notice.


From March 15 - that is, Sunday - until further notice, our Zoo is closed to the public. Behind the closed gates, of course, the institution continues to operate, and we take care of the welfare of our animals and plants every day.

In the afternoon of March 14, 2020, the Mayor of Budapest announced the suspension of the opening hours of certain institutions in the capital, including the Zoo, in connection with the new coronavirus pandemic and the state of emergency announced throughout Hungary.

On this basis, the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens will not be open to visitors from March 15 until further notice, i.e. it will be closed to the public.
Our zoo also has an action plan in place for this situation, which became effective immediately upon the announcement of the decision. Although we are temporarily unable to welcome visitors as of Sunday, the Zoo itself will continue to operate. Our staff will continue to care, to the highest standard, for the more than 10,000 specimens of 900 different species of animals living in the garden, as well as the plants in the park. Our Zoo also plans to continue our educational activities on our official website despite the closed gates ( or via our Facebook page (

Under normal circumstances, the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is open to visitors every day of the year. It was 26 years ago that we had a day when we were completely closed, because before 1994 it was customary to have the Zoo closed one day a week during the period between autumn and spring. The last occasion when the garden was closed for several consecutive days was 64 years ago.

Several measures have been taken in recent days in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. We reported here and here about them.