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Breakfast with gorillasJune 13, 2019

On Wednesday May 22, the day began with an unusual breakfast with the gorillas. The members of the gorilla team shared their breakfast at "common table" with friends and colleagues of our Zoo, drawing attention to recycling mobile phones.

The Southern three-banded armadillo was named TacoJune 5, 2019

Voting for the name of the three-banded armadillo pup has closed. Out of the four possible names, the most votes were cast for Taco, so this was the name also registered in the official documents as the name of the already one and a half month-old animal.

Benedek in the Animal Rescue CentreMay 13, 2019

In the framework of our rescue work we help one and a half to two thousand animals a year. Most animals that we receive are birds, but the species with the highest number of specimens is the hedgehog.

Evening concerts at the ZooMay 6, 2019

From the 3rd of July until the 14th of August.

Family blessings at the capybarasApril 29, 2019

Three young capybaras are growing in the South America enclosure. This species, considered as the largest member of the rodent family, regularly reproduces in our Zoo.

The “Rooies” have grown a lotApril 15, 2019

In early February we already reported on the joeys growing in the pouch of the Red-necked Wallabies. The three babies have grown a lot since and reached the age when they can leave the pouch. In the meanwhile two new joeys looked out of the pouch.

Wombat joey: again a global rarityApril 8, 2019

The cameras installed in the wombats’ den recorded joyful images recently. A joey is peeking out of the pouch of the mother animal, Molly.

No need to be afraid of sharks?March 22, 2019

In the recently opened Shark School, visitors can get to know the wonderful world of sharks. But how true are the stories of how dangerous sharks are?

Rescued animals of 2018February 1, 2019

In the framework of their rescue work in 2018, our colleagues assisted 1807 animals of 108 protected or specially protected species.

Tropical experience in the Palm HouseJanuary 28, 2019

Our Zoo is worth a visit, even when it is cold outside, since we are open whatever the weather and, in our heated animal enclosures, we offer a real tropical climate.