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Snowy wonderland January 20, 2020

When it snows, it is worth visiting the zoo, since the park turns into a snowy wonderland. Besides the beauty of the landscape, many animals also offer stunning views in this environment.

The first week of December immediately began with more than a four-inch layer of snow in the park as a result of the snowfall, beginning at dawn and ending in the afternoon. Of course, the walking paths were already cleared in the morning, but otherwise one could enjoy the snowy wonderland of the Zoo. On Tuesday the sun melted the snow to some extent, and there was a modest snowfall again on Wednesday.
Zoo residents react differently to snow. Some of them really do not take it well; you can see them in heated animal houses at this time. For others, winters like those in Hungary and even colder ones are natural: snow can be considered as their prime element. And we also have animals, whose homeland has hardly any snow and they also have heated accommodation in the Zoo, but at such times they may be let out for one or two hours to play in and with the snow. In the original home of the red panda and the takin, for example, in the high mountains, a thick blanket of snow is nothing extraordinary. Cebu pigs, native to the Philippines, however, do not see a lot of snow in the rainforest, but they enjoy playing with it here. As for the tigers, though many visitors are familiar with them as kings of the jungle, our Zoo exhibits Siberian tigers, and winter temperatures of minus 40°C and stomach-deep snow is not a rarity in their natural habitat.
In the pictures in our gallery, taken by Zita Fülöp, we want to give a taste of the winter mood in the zoo, while encouraging everyone to visit us and see it all for themselves. Of course, we cannot tell how long the snow will last, but it is certain that the Zoo is open to visitors every day of the year, namely also in winter. In fact, on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the general public can expect discounts and special events. There is no shortage of things to see, as the inhabitants of the Zoo can be viewed even in winter, even if those animals that need warmth can be found in heated animal houses.