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Tropical experience in the Palm House January 28, 2019

Our Zoo is worth a visit, even when it is cold outside, since we are open whatever the weather and, in our heated animal enclosures, we offer a real tropical climate.

Although the weather turned cold when winter arrived, the Zoo is well worth a visit, even at this time of the year. On the one hand, we are open every day of the year and, on the other hand, there so much to see even in this period. In fact, our Zoo has many heated animal enclosures and indoor display areas, and in some of them the climate is expressly tropical.

Of course, the weather is the most pleasant in the Palm House. If anyone in Budapest craves a tropical climate, the easiest way to find is to pay a visit to the Palm House. The numerous tropical plants only add to this tropical experience, not to mention the plethora of animals on display here. Most of them come from the tropical areas of the New World, and this is why the caption "America Tropicana" is above the entrance to the Palm House. Besides, the sloths also live here, hanging upside down, even when approaching their feeding bowl, as you can see on the image.

In addition to the Palm House and the adjoining patinated Aquarium, we have several other large heated indoor display areas, such as the Savannah Paddock, or the Magic Mountain, built within the Great Rock, where altogether 16 heated or temperature-controlled thematic exhibits can be found and, what is more, this complex is linked to the viewing area for the Great Ape House via a covered corridor. Our heated exhibits include the Australia House, the Xantus János House, the Madagascar House, the India House and the Elephant House, not forgetting the new play park at the Zoo, the Once upon a Time Castle, where a three-storey fairy play house, the Long-ago and Faraway Palace, awaits the public.