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Visitor Rules

Please smoke only in the smoking areas.

In the case of lost valuables and lost children, you can ask for help at the information pavilion next to the Main Entrance.

  • Children under 14 can visit the ZOO only under adult supervision.
  • The garden is a nature reserve. Please keep it clean and protect its vegetation!
  • Please stay on the walking paths!
  • It is dangerous to enter closed-off areas and/or areas surrounded by safety rails or to reach into the animal enclosures. The ZOO does not undertake any liability for accidents resulting from these actions.
  • Our animals are sensitive, so please do not feed them.
  • Only children under 14 can use the playground, under adult supervision and at their own risk.
  • Information on lost children or valuables can be found at the information pavilion.
  • Please do not smoke outside the designated smoking areas!
  • Dogs are not allowed to bring into the zoo, except Registered Assistant Dogs with appropriate documentation and vaccination certificates. The documents must be submitted to the Zoo at least two working days prior to the visit, via email. In response, the Zoo will provide either permission for the visit or refusal. Assistance dogs must wear a leash and muzzle during the visit. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the dog does not endanger the tranquility, physical safety, or well-being of the zoo animals and visitors. Otherwise, the Zoo reserves the right to immediately suspend the visit of the assistance dog.

The full Visitor Rules can be downloaded from here.