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M-F:9am-4.00pm Sa-Su:9am-4.00pm


Adult: 4500 HUF Children:  3200 HUF

Year of the Dragon Lantern Festival at the Biodome

December 16th, 2023 - February 24th, 2024, Budapest
5-9 pm daily


Prepare to be captivated at the Year of the Dragon Lantern Festival, running for 70 days from the 16th of December 2023. Following the dazzling lights of hundreds of lanterns in and around the Biodome on Állatkerti Boulevard, visitors can enter the wonderfully vibrant world of the Year of the Dragon Festival, from 5-9 pm daily.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Lunar calendar. The festival is set around Chinese New Year, celebrated by billions globally, in the hopes of bringing luck, peace, and happiness. Spend a magical evening at the spectacular Lantern Festival – a unique festivity for lovers of Chinese culture, but also for families and for those who simply want to enjoy an unforgettable moonlit walk. Step into the world of seasonal cheer through a glittering tunnel of light at the entrance of the Biodome, as the twinkling light from thousands of lanterns fill the air.

The Year of the Dragon Festival provides a truly unparalleled experience, a unique lantern exhibition in Hungary. Immerse yourself in a mesmerising display of light and sound, entering a fantasy world filled with animals and mystical creatures. The lanterns will lead you on a journey across the Eastern hemisphere, giving visitors a peek into Chinese cultural heritage. Among rocks and creeks, more than fifty different illuminations await our visitors - playful giant pandas come to life, a beautiful phoenix flaps its wings as it prepares to fly, all the while, a majestic twenty-meter dragon guards the peace of the land.


Providing excellent entertainment for all ages on cold winter evenings, the truly special interactive light installations form stunning projections, many over eight meters tall. A window into the mysterious world of Chinese cultural traditions, classical Chinese masterpieces, and Eastern mythological stories- walking along the illuminated path, one can encounter Caribbean flamingos, polar bears, playful chimpanzees, amongst other exotic animals and flowers.

You can also admire the live "dragons" living in the Zoo, during regular opening hours throughout the year. Visit them at the Dragon House, Venomous Creatures House, and the Crocodile House at the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden.

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Tickets purchased in advance are valid for 21 days from the start of the event (December 16, 2023).