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An ordinary day for KoalasNovember 6, 2015

Our latest short film gives a glimpse into the everyday lives of koalas, in particular their afternoon programme.

Musical Evenings at the ZooJune 10, 2015

The fourteenth season of Musical Zoo Evenings, a series of concerts, is starting. Every week from July 8th until August 21st one, and so seven concerts in total, will take place. Boban and Marko Marković will take the stage on the first night.

The Butterfly Garden has Opened!June 5, 2015

From 5th June, you can visit the popular summer attraction, the Butterfly Garden, at our Zoo. In the facilities to be found behind the Palm House, visitors can observe several hundred specimens of 23 tropical butterfly species.

Beach season with the hipposMay 5, 2015

May marks the start of the beach season for the hippopotamuses: Tücsök and Jusztina can use the outdoor swimming pool again. Although the inside one is at their disposal too, in the nice weather they prefer the outdoor pool, which opened in 1932.

Unforgettable camel loveApril 29, 2015

At the Zoo you can capture fantastic scenes that must be seen – at the back of a camera lens!

Yet another Giraffe CalfApril 13, 2015

A second giraffe birth has just taken place at our zoo. On March 25, The Budapest giraffe herd gained another member.

Pocket BabiesApril 8, 2015

The latest short film on the occasional appearances of “pocket babies” from their kangaroo mothers’ pouches is now out.

I love you so much, Daddy!March 31, 2015

Visitors can witness touchingly emotional moments of elephants in their enclosure.

What must we all do to keep the koala?March 3, 2015

Koalas can be seen in very few zoos outside Australia. It is only in Europe and North America that the stock of live koalas in zoos is growing and the circle of zoos in which Koalas can be found is expanding.

Koalas in Budapest!March 3, 2015

Vobara and Nur-Nuru-Bin, the two koalas, arrived with us in February 2015. The general public can see them from 6 March 2015.