Opening hours

M-F:9am-6pm Sa-Su:9am-7pm


Adult: 5000 HUF Children:  3500 HUF

Botanical specialities

The name of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden refers to the fact that not only animals but a very rich collection of plants are presented. If we examine strictly the number of specimen, breeds and varieties as a matter of fact there are more plants than animals in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. A highlight of our botanical assortment is the so called Dendrological collection (compilation of woody plants). These plants can be found in every corner of the Zoo no wonder that from spring until autumn the complete territory is covered in leaves. Probably the gigantic plane tree which is located at the edge of the Japanese Garden near the lakeside promenade is the oldest tree we have. It is possible that it was already here when Budapest Zoo opened its gates in 1866. Besides the old plane tree we have more considerable gigantic trees. For example a Canadian poplar tree planted in 1911 which stretches at the verge of South America Park. A part of our hardy annual plants are placed to follow a thematic order. The most gorgeous thematic showroom is the Japanese Garden - which was built in the 1960's but has been redefined several times – located between the Great Lake and the Gundel Restaurant. Phytogeography was the main guiding principle which was considered when the green surfaces around the main entrance were designed. Characteristic plants from the Asian and North American continent can be found there. The horticultural reconstruction of these surfaces was finished in 2012 as a part of an investment made possible by EU funds. The rock garden was also renewed with the help of EU money. In addition to our hardy annual plant collection we have a place which serves as a showroom for tropical plants, the Palmhouse which was built in 1912. Just a stone's throw away you will find the Citrus Garden giving you an insight into the world of plants coming from Mediterranean climate.